Wednesday, April 18, 2012

MA Attorney General Martha "Reefer Madness" Coakley is ON NOTICE!!

"Re-elected to her second term as Attorney General in 2010, Martha Coakley has devoted her career to protecting children and public safety, standing up for consumers and taxpayers, and fighting for equality for all."

Standing up for consumers and taxpayers and fighting for the equality for all, somehow gets lost when it comes to Medical Marijuana. Cannabis Advocates and Medical Patients should be more than concerned about Martha's recent verbiage about the enforcement of Medical Marijuana being a so called "headache."

Without question or having to pin down the spiritual or biological nature of same sex relationships, Martha was ready to defend Massachusetts' residents civil rights.

"Coakley has vigorously defended the civil rights of Massachusetts residents, working to ensure equal access and opportunity for all. In 2009, her office filed a first-in-the-nation lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the Federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), resulting in a federal judge striking down the law for the first time in history."

Patients' rights to choose their preferred medication are diminishing.

Physician's blind trust of the FDA's Stamp of Approval has led us to an opiate addiction epidemic that is leading our state into a public safety crisis. Purdue Pharma has installed live hand grenades in patients' medicine cabinets all across the country just waiting for a curious teenager to come along and pull its pin. It only takes one dose of Oxycodone for a potential addiction or criminal lifestyle to be born from the heart and mind of an innocent child; consequently ensuring job security for public defenders, law enforcement, and rehabilitation centers for decades to come.

Massachusetts is eager to add Medical Marijuana as an alternative to conventional medical practices that could put their families health and prosperity at risk. We have a right to choose what we put into our homes and into our bodies. Martha Coakley should be preparing to defend that right not publicly dread it.

We know 65% of Massachusetts voters supported Cannabis Decriminalization in 2008.

We know that at least 58% of Massachusetts voters support Cannabis Reform and Legalization.

So, what gives? Maybe Martha has not been thoroughly informed. This is your call to let it be known. Join a bunch of random people for a spontaneous education event.. "Occupy MA AG Martha "Reefer Madness" Coakley."

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