Friday, December 16, 2011

In the Works: Behind the Scenes of the Hempest Fashion Show!!

Kim Napoli       Photo by: Sarah Sparks wanders into the world of Hemp Fashion..

From floor to ceiling, Kim & Jon Napoli packed two floors at their Newbury Street location with organic hemp clothing, accessories, gear, paper, food and body care products. At every glance we discovered how versatile and underutilized Hemp really is.

"We do carry several lines of US made goods, and also do a little manufacturing right here in Fall River, MA with imported fabric. We would love to be able to support American farmers, as well, but that is still not possible due to our inane laws against the most beneficial plant we have ever known. Our hope is that by providing you with a Hemp alternative, we can raise awareness of this plant's amazing versatility."

Stay tuned for Video behind the scenes of the Hempest Fashion Show at MassCann's Merry Wanna Ball..

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