Friday, September 26, 2014

In Pursuit of a Passion

Updated blog originally posted as Ten Years in Pursuit of a Passion in 2012

It's almost the 12 year anniversary of my company, Kameleon Healing Aromatherapy. I incorporated
on the magical date of 10/31/2002, Halloween. It's something I do for love not money. I've always kept a part-time job so I can have the financial freedom to grow my company the way I want. But, it took trying a lot of things before I figured out not only what I wanted to do, but just how much I could do in the world of Aromatherapy.

When I started, Most people thought I should run as a manufacturer,
making a line or lines of products to sell to retailers. I got a lot of well intentioned advice towards something I instinctively thought would stunt my creativity. But hell, I tried it because maybe all those well intentioned people were right. I made products and worked for months trying to perfect labels. I hustled my butt all over Boston and drove to the North and South Shores to approach retailers. I made appointments with shop and spa owners who kept me waiting hours to give me ten minutes. I had one large out-of-state order who didn't pay or return the products. I had several meetings with a very large and fancy hotel chain about making a line for them. In the end, I bought special packaging to please them, wrote manuals that they requested, and invested a lot of time and money in samples and meetings to be blown off in the end. I made some sales, but not enough to justify all the work I was putting in. It's hard for a single crafter to compete with the big boys, and it is not particularly fun either.

But, I didn't give up. In 2004 I tried something more appealing to me. I started teaching. At first many classes would be cancelled for lack of interest. But, not all. The classes I had were great, because aromatherapy is great. To see the excitement in my students eyes really charged me. I loved answering everyone's questions and helping my students learn fun ways to heal themselves, save money, and be good to the earth. As time went on very few classes got cancelled and I applied to teach more classes. Today, I teach at several Adult Education Venues including Brookline Adult and Community Education, Boston Center for Adult Education, private classes at my Allston Workshop and collaborative classes with other healing practitioners.

I did other things I was attracted to, like using my aromatherapy skills to benefit non-profits by
offering free classes, making gift baskets and planning and participating in healing benefits. I was able to network a lot! As a result I now hold regular Spa Parties with my alternative healing peers. I continue to meet new people, many who become students and/or clients. As I go on more people call for private consultations and classes and I am chugging along quite nicely putting my profits back into the business and learning more and more as I go.

Aromatherapy also gives me a reason to write, which was my first creative passion. In addition to writing this blog monthly,. I have been published in national health magazines and on many websites. It is always easy for me to find new material to write about, because aromatherapy is so versatile and can help a multitude of Health, Beauty, and Home issues. Because I find what I do so interesting, it makes me interesting. As a result, I have also gotten a lot of press having had television spots on Chronicle and Fox Morning News. Kameleon Healing Aromatherapy has been written up in the Boston Globe, Boston Magazine, Stuff Magazine, and others. I am often invited to speak in front of groups and have received amazingly positive reviews. I have gotten an education worth beyond the considerable time and study I have put in. When I write about aromatherapy I advance my research and learn more. When someone comes to me we a unique aliment, I study that ailment and it's symptoms so I can best advise them. Being immersed in any science or art for so long gives one a natural education that they are bound to remember. The education drives itself, I have all the materials and curiosity I need to keep building my expertise.

Aromatherapy has also helped me surround myself with positive people. It has encouraged me learn other healing modalities such as herbalism, reiki, meditation, massage, yoga, crystals and more. It draws me out into the world; introduces me to friends; keeps my creative vibe juiced; keeps my mind active; and gives me a reason to wake up and be happy each morning. I would say that's worth more than millions.

To join me in my Passion, please visit Kameleon Healing Aromatherapy at and sign up for my newsletter, Scent Notes, to learn aromatherapy tips and be invited to classes, spa parties, and other healing events.
Upcoming Classes:
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Sat. Oct. 4th -The Art of Natural Perfumery, 1-3pm - Boston Center for Adult Education

Sun. Oct 12th - Your Home Salon - 1-3:30pm at the Kameleon Healing Workshop in Allston. Learn to make you own Shampoos, Deep Conditioners, Leave-In Conditioners, Scalp Treatments, Hair Mists and More.

Sat. Oct. 18th -Aromatherapy Mist Making, Noon-2:30pm - Brookline Adult and Community Education

Sat. Oct. 25th - Making Aromatherapy Mists, 1-3:30pm -Boston Center for Adult Education

Thurs. Oct 31, It's Witchcraft - Make your own Magical Potions, 6-8pm at the Kameleon Healing Workshop

Save the Date for these Classes and Events
Sat. Nov 8th - Spa Party in Watertown, time TBD
Sat. Nov. 15 - Making Aromatherapy Mists 1-3:30pm at Boston Center for Adult Education
Sat. Nov. 22nd, The Art of Natural Perfumery, Noon-2:30 - Brookline Adult and Community Education
Sat. Dec. 6th, Spa Party , 2-6pm in Brighton
Sat. Dec. 13th, Soak your Troubles Away with Salt and Clay Baths, noon-2:30pm at Brookline Adult and Community Education