Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Quick Answer to 10 Common Aromatherapy Questions

 I tend to write and think in-depth about solving problems for my Aromatherapy clients. I often like to target multiple issues with one complex blend of essential oils. I create awesome one-of-a-kind healing experiences. But, not everyone can see me personally or take the time to read and study my longer blogs. If you are just scanning and want a quick fix for a common problem, this is the blog for you. See quick fixes to help you Sleep, Relax, Meditate, Fight Colds/Flu, Heal Skin, Help Hair, Deal with PMS, Reduce Water Weight, and Ease Muscle Pain & Headaches. If you would like the longer answers links are provided.

To Help with Sleep: Put a few drops of Lavender Essential oil on your pillow.

For the long answer read, Sleep Scents

Relaxation:Sniff Lavender, Mandarin, or Chamomile  Essential Oil from the bottle or a cloth.

Learn more by reading Things I do in the Tub and Scents in the Sky

Meditation: Diffuse deep wood or resinous oils, like Cedarwood, Frankincense or Patchouli

For the long answer read Essential Oils for Meditation and Essential Oils to Balance Chakras

Cold & Flu - Add some Eucalyptus Essential Oil to your Humidifier.

For the long answer read Essential Oils to help Prevent & Treat Colds, Flu, and other Infectious Diseases

Skin Care: The combination of Lavender and Geranium Essential Oils heal a host of skin problems. Add them to soaps, lotions, bathes and other skin treatments.

For the long answer read Scents, Salves and Supplements for Stunning Skin

Hair Care: Rosemary essential can encourage hair growth, add it to shampoos and conditioners. Lemongrass can add some quick shine. Just make a mister with Lemongrass oil and water.

For a longer answer read: Lecithin - The Best Natural Ingredient You've Never Heard Of

PMS- Geranium Essential oil can help relax you, balance female hormones, and reduce excess water weight. Try adding some to a hot bath or massage oil.

You can read some more about this by reading Things I do in the Tub Stay tuned for an even longer answer as I have started writing, Hormonal Help for Women, and will post at a later date.

Water Weight: Take a hot bath with geranium and/or citrus essential oils like Orange & Grapefruit.

For the long answer read: Bloated? Here's How To Lose that Water Weight Overnight

Muscle Pain: Add a few drops of Eucalyptus or Peppermint oil to a fixed oil for a massage oil.

 You can read about soaking muscle pain away by reading Things I do in the Tub

Headaches - Sniff Peppermint Essential oil from the bottle or a cloth.

To learn more read, Have a Cool Summer and Powerful Peppermint Oil

To learn recipes and applications of Essential Oils read, The Many Methods of Aromatherapy

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